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Labyrinth - Bumper Video (download)
Video for XP3 Studentsí series, Labyrinth. This series is available to XP3 Students subscribers only. Here is a brief description of the Labyrinth series:

Not everyone has it together when it comes to knowing what God wants for their lives. But, sometimes it certainly feels like everyone else doesóand we are the only ones who donít. And that can make us feel uncertain about our relationship with God and where our life is going. But what if we started believing that everyone gets to play in the game of Godís plan? When it comes to those not-so-easy life decisions, what if things werenít as complicated as we once believed? What if there is more freedom and less restriction when it comes to navigating the story God is telling in us and through us? Godís purpose for us just might not be the complicated labyrinth we once thought it was.

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