Fake I.D.


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Fake ID - Bumper Video (download)
Video for XP3 Students’ series, Fake ID This series is available to XP3 Students subscribers only. Here is a brief description of the Fake ID series:

It’s an age-old problem—one that begins to plague us around the time adolescence hits and, if we aren’t careful, follows us around the rest of our lives. It is the question of who we are—what makes up our identity, what defines us, what makes us, us. But imagine if, instead of wrestling with these questions in the complexity of adulthood, we started to tackle them in the formative teenage years?

What if we took a good, long, hard look at some of the foundational questions during the years that shape us more than any others? Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose? We are going to begin to scratch the surface of identity tackling the difficult to ask—and even more difficult to answer—questions that ultimately end up defining who we are.

Bumper Video: Fake ID
This bumper video is to be used during each session before the communicator. This video is intended to set up the series and to be part of your overall environment for Fake ID

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