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Living Inside Out Sun Glasses (sets of 10)
These sunglasses will be everyone’s favorite Summer XP takeaway! They are durable, bright and fun for all ages! Don’t miss out on getting these super shades for all of your Living Inside Out crew! They fit youth and adults and are available in white, yellow or blue with logo design on the arm.

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Living Inside Out Wrist Bands - Standard (sets of 10)
Everyone will love wearing these awesome wristbands during and after your event to remind people what Living Inside Out is all about! Wristbands are light blue with the logo and are ½” thick.

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Our price: $ 7.00
Making Vision Stick by Andy Stanley (Book)
A vision. You as a leader may have it, but has your organization caught it? If a leader's vision is all about what could be and what should be, why are you buried under what is? By Andy Stanley.
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Movin' Me CD
This collection of children’s songs was written and produced while looking at the stories of people in the Bible who “moved” in a specified direction after meeting a man named Jesus. After meeting Him, none of them could stay still any longer. Instead, they decided to “move” and become a part of God’s big story.
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Nobody Like You (Charts)
FamilyWise Music 'Nobody Like You' - Performance Charts. Pages are supplied in PDF Format and are distributed by Electronic Software Distribution*.
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One Big Gulp - CD
One Big Gulp CD – Worship Music for Preschoolers

As our team sat around the table and dreamed about this CD, we had really BIG expectations. The music needed to grab preschoolers’ attention. The words needed to have content. Their bodies needed to be totally engaged. We needed songs that could become the soundtrack of a preschooler’s life.

As parents and church leaders, we have to make the most of every opportunity to create a foundation for our preschoolers’ faith. This foundation consists of three very important spiritual building blocks. We want every preschooler to know that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.
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Over the Fence Adventure Devotional
Take one mysterious fence. Add two friends with a perfect plan for the summer. Mix in a new kid from next door and a cousin from New York City. What do you get? The perfect recipe for adventure—and for discovering the true meaning of friendship. Join Emma, Ethan, Lily, and Marco on their quest to uncover what's over the fence.

This 9-week adventure is the perfect blend of chapter book and devotionals for elementary-age kids.

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Reveal EP by Sammy Ward (CD)
Hip-hop beats interlace with acoustic rhythms, Sammy Ward hits a fresh new sound that will encourage yet challenge your spirit. This EP contains songs written and co-written by Sammy that reveals his 80s roots and love for pop/rock music. His catchy melodies and lyrics will not only draw you into knowing God more, but will also leave you trying not to dance in public while his tunes linger in your head!
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Sex 180 by Tim Walker and Chip Ingram (Book)
Dive in and hang on, because this book will turn everything you know about sex upside down. Turn the pages and join the rebellion against our culture's view of sex and grab onto what God says about it all. You'll relate to the opposite sex in a whole new way, and you'll never be the same again.
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Skeeples N Lomes - Greg Payne
The task was too important not to try something NEW.

Skeeples and Lomes is the parable that explains how leaders and parents must work together to influence the next generation.
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