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Whoooo Loves You? - CD

Whoooo Loves You? - CD
Any time you turn on great music in a room full of preschoolers, something wonderful starts to happen. They begin to smile, bounce, clap, wiggle and sing with total abandon. They throw their whole bodies into their worship experience! As parents and church leaders, we need to give them songs with great words, so they will be singing about what matters most.

Track Listing:
01 Wonder! Clubhouse Theme
02 Ollie's 1st Clue
03 God Made it All
04 God Made Me - WONDERFULL!
05 Ollie's 2nd Clue
06 No Matter What
07 God Said So
08 Ollie Wants You to Guess Who
09 How Do I Know?
10 Who Knows Best?
11 I Can Do All Things
12 I Can Do (What?)
13 Ollie's Final Clue
14 Look, Look Everyone
15. Ollie Calls For A Party
16. This Is How
17. I'm So Glad He Loves Me
18. Oh So Happy Day
19. My Friend Forever
20. Ollie's Farewell
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