Welcome to Studio 252! We're glad you're here.

You have probably come here because you're a church leader interested in helping families connect to your church strategy and make the most of their everyday moments together. It's our goal to provide you with the resources to make that happen.

Because we wish to serve a variety of ministries, we have created two ways to get involved with Studio 252: Physical CUE Boxes delivered via mail service; and online memberships to Studio252.tv distributed through Rave Cards.


Whether you choose to distribute CUE Boxes or Rave Cards, your families will have access to all of the following resources:

  • Weekly Bible Story Video (Feature Presentation)
  • Weekly Virtue Video (Get Reel)
  • Monthly Studio 252 Video
  • Monthly Music Video
  • Weekly Video Blogs from the Studio 252 cast
  • Weekly Character Blogs with games and activities
  • Weekly MealTime discussion guides
  • Weekly Bedtime Bible Story
  • Weekly Note Cards
  • ...and much more!

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